We can provide you with finance transformation experience in the areas of:

  • Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Accounting Process Redesign
  • Financial Close Optimization Assessments
  • Operational Process Redesign / Change Management
  • Merger and Acquisition Strategy
  • Enterprise Risk Governance

We can support you with consultants skilled in using industry best practices and tested approaches that are comprehensive and effective. We provide project management and program management expertise, assist you in the redesign of accounting processes and align these changes to the written accounting policies, procedures and training. We can deliver a Financial Close Optimization Assessment that addresses the three main focus areas: people, process and technology with the end goal being an overall reduction in hours spent performing the month end close process. The result being improved efficiency reporting and meeting earnings release deadlines. We can also assist in the integration of the assessment recommendations in an effort to fully integrate your people, process and technology.

We redesign operational processes to enable them to align to new and changing strategies. We then follow up with accompanying written policies, procedures and training expertise using various methods from "train the trainer" to concierge training approaches.

We can assist you with merger and acquisition strategy by mapping out the scope of work and different work streams necessary to reach your Day 1 readiness. We support you every step of the way by understanding the differences between the two organizations, examining the operating models at work and establishing unified policies and procedures for Day 1 operations and beyond.

We can also work with you to mitigate risk events using a proactive approach of monitoring and regular communication, assisting you in identifying actions that create a risky operating environment in your organization. We establish communication with all the appropriate leaders and focus on the linkages to current projects and initiatives. We highlight the remediation steps and monitor progress throughout the process.

Our Managing Director, Domenic Silvaggio is a strongly self - driven finance professional with a proven record of continual advancement through 14 years of relevant professional experience. Big Four Consulting experience and most recently, a Vice President for BNY Mellon Corporation, working in the Financial Regulatory Reporting Group. He has Regulatory Reporting experience involving the implementation of operational accounting processes in accordance with Basel II. He embodies strong project management skills, analytical problem solving, effective interpersonal skills and leadership in driving change. He is able to manage multiple projects simultaneously and effectively balance priorities. He has a blended background of finance, technology, and implementation training experience.